- May 22, 2015

This week was under the hospice of the GlueCon conference in Denver! And we have some news and content about the conference to share today.

Restlet and Smartbear partner to deliver Restlet Studio plugin in Ready! API (more info here for how to use the plugin).

Just as the Java programming language is celebrating its 20 years of existence, Restlet Framework is also reaching an important milestone with its 10 year anniversary.

Our own Thierry Templier blogs about implementing bulk updates with RESTful web services.

At GlueCon, Apigee launched its Swagger API Studio. The news was also covered on InfoQ. And you can have a quick look at an example API.

Jérôme Louvel presented about how REST APIs can glue all types of devices together and how to publish your SQL data as Web APIs.

Lorinda Brandon spoke about API readiness, visualization and virtualization.

The Swagger.IO website is going to evolve.

Use and re-use of API description languages in the design lifecycle presented by Mark W. Foster.

Daniel Stenberg of cURL fame talks announces that RFC 7540 is now the official RFC for HTTP/2.

Jennifer Riggins explains the fact we should go API first, but not necessarily iPhone-first, and collected feedback from API luminaries about the future of the API space.

On the Nordic APIs blog, Kristopher Sandoval comments the REST vs SOAP vs Thrift for the microservices showdown. And Claire Hunsaker of Stormpath wonders when REST is better than SOAP. Andreas Krohn shares seven important API design lessons.

Also note that the videos of the Nordic APIs conference tour are online on YouTube.

Jerrod Horton details the cost of not documenting your APIs.

The “API economy” is upon us, says George Leopold, covering the recent news in funding, valuations, etc.

On, Lari MacVittie talks about API discovery and search with APIs.json. And 3scale’s Steven Willmott speaks about APIs.json too, to bootstrap the Web of APIs.

Dave Goldberg of Apiary tells us about the role of the API designer, with regards to the legacy, the silos of complexity, and how APIs must reflect the business vision.

From Barcelona, a recap of APIDays Mediterranean, with a video interview of Kin Lane, words on IoT, hypermedia and more.

Randall Degges explains what the heck is OAuth on Stormpath’s blog.

At WS-REST, Ronnie Mitra presented Rapido, an approach to sketching Web APIs.

LinkedIn started restricting access to its API last week.

3scale’s Steven Willmott announces the improved Swagger 2 support in ActiveDocs, and Victor Delgado shares the second part about how to load test and tune the performance of your API (you can check part one too).

Ahmed Nassri of Mashape goes through the integration of Mashape with the Paw web API client app for Macs.

Ronnie Mitra from CA presented a talk on the complexity in APIs during the Nordic API tour.

Mike Amundsen says that UBER media-type reached the stable draft status, and shows a sample of ALPS representing the roll a dice web service.

In a .Net context, Paul Ballard gives REST APIs some metadata Swagger.

A little tool of the day, to load test your API, there’s a Go program called Boom, which is pretty similar to ab (Apache Bench).

Another tool for the road with Restful.JS, a framework agnostic RESTful Web API client.

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