- May 27, 2015

Last week Restlet and Sparky were at Gluecon, in Denver (CO) and had a blast!

There were exciting industry talks. This one was given by our Chief Geek, Jerome Louvel: How REST APIs can glue all types of devices together.


We showed cool demos and had very interesting talks about our API products: APISpark, Restlet Studio and Restlet Framework. Thanks for stopping by!

Restlet Booth

We had some fun booth neighbors that loved our Restlet sunglasses (that change color when exposed to UVs! Try it for yourself!)

Restlet Sunglasses

Sparky also made some new friends. Here, you can see him hanging out at the Smartbear booth talking to @RaisingAJedi about the new Restlet Studio plugin in their ReadyAPI solution. Awesome!

Sparky with SmartBear

And finally, Sparky flew from booth to booth checking out the goodies and came back with this funky lightning pen:


Were you at Gluecon? If we didn’t get a chance to meet and you’d like to ask us some questions or discuss a certain topic, feel free to comment below and we’ll reply as soon as possible!

To review the presentations given by Restlet, please see Guillaume’s post: Gluecon Live: web APIs to glue all devices and SQL data APIs