- May 29, 2015

Jérôme Louvel interviewed API Blueprint founder about the current status of the specification, the upcoming 1.0 release, and more.

Mike Amundsen has started a promising series of articles on InfoQ, starting with a primer on API description, discovery and profiles, followed by an API design process by Ronnie Mitra.

Kin Lane explains that Swagger API definitions helps him see the girl in the red dress, as the definition materializes the reality of the underlying API.

Lorinda Brandon speaks about important aspects behind API security, on the responsibility developers have around privacy, personal information.

Over on Nordic APIs, Bill Doerrfeld explains that APIs are evolving the B2B landscape, Kristopher Sandoval contrasts functional vs useful APIs, wondering what makes an API actually useful.

Mark Strafford, the OData wizard from Microsoft, presents about future-proofing REST APIs, with a focus on hypermedia.

End-to-end hypermedia: choosing a media type by Jimmy Bogard.

Augusto Marietti comes back on Kong’s first month of life.

API2Cart interviewed Mike Stowe on API design.

Oldie but goodie, this post from Zac Stewart explores the use of HTTP OPTIONS for self-describing RESTful APIs.

Jean-Jacques Dubray created ReaCall, a combination of React.JS and Swagger, to make it easier for API providers to develop and evolve API client SDKs.

Some update on the Swagger governance saga: a new discussion group dedicated to the governance topic was created, and decisions should be announced in 4-6 weeks for the governance model.

Postman 2 wasn’t released a long time ago, but we already got Postman 3.0, with a fresher look and improved experience.

Daniel Stenberg published the results of his recent cURL survey.

For those in the Java space, the OkHttp library added a saner URL class to circumvent the venerable 20-year-old class of the Java Development Kit.

Didip Kerabat created TollBooth, a little Go library that augments Go Web APIs with a rate limiter middleware.

Another handy Go library, Autoapi, transforms a MySQL database into a Web API.

A tutorial on building a REST API backend in Django for an iOS mobile application, by Mark Wong. And another tutorial on building a realtime API with RethinkDB.

Mat Ryer introduces the Go respond package to facilitate common patterns of Web API development.

A new version of the node project to transform Swagger JSON in PDF is available.

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