- June 12, 2015

Should every company consider providing an API wonders Arnaud Lauret (alias API Handyman), yes he answers, on Nordics API blog, debunking common myths around APIs, and detailing what companies have to gain by opening up APIs.

Mike Amundsen interviews Swagger founder Tony Tam on InfoQ.

Manfred Bortenschlager shares one of the last posts of his series on building effective API programs, this one on developer experience.

If you wonder what an API sandbox is, John Paul Mueller covers the topic on SmartBear’s blog.

API Evangelist Kin Lane wrote interesting posts on:

JSON generator is a handy tool to generate mock JSON data with the help of a template (you can generate guids, lorem ipsum text, names, and more)

Version 0.10.0 released of Schema Guru, which allows you to infer JSON schemas out of sample JSON payloads.

On ProgrammableWeb, a new JSON-API specification aims to speed API development, as Dan Gebhartdt announces version 1.0 of JSON-API.

A Java implementation of Collection+JSON on Github by Erlend Hamnaberg.

A presentation on Hypermedia APIs for the “rest” of us by Chris Marinos was published recently, from last February’s South East Michigan’s JavaScript usergroup.

Not a recent article, but I’ve stumbled upon it when learning more about API versioning: Jim Liddell explains using media type parameters to version APIs.

The Postman team are talking about a new version of their Postman Collection file format, and how to improve it.

Yahoo is closing its Yahoo! Pipes service, which was a nice way to empower user to mashup various data sources and APIs across the web. Tony Hirst shares his reflections on the closure of the service.

Lexy Mayko explains how to choose an OAuth type for your API.

Did you know that REST API clients must treat an unrecognized status code as being equivalent to the x00 status code of the same family, as noted by Darrel Miller.

Some hello world examples of lightweight Java frameworks for building APIs and apps, using the Groovy programming language: with Vert.x and with Ratpack.

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