- June 19, 2015

Vim vs Emacs has always been a rather fun debate (but ultimately Vim will always win, of course), and the proof of the pudding is that there’s a REST console plugin for Vim! Under the hood, it’s using cURL for interacting with those Web APIs.

But just as I tweeted about this REST support in Vim, an avid Emacs user on Twitter told me about a similar HTTP REST client for Emacs! But I’ll “rest” my case, I’m still in the Vim camp, sorry!

Following up part 1 on hypermedia APIs, the API2cart blog covers part 2, talking about various approaches like HAL, JSON-LD and Collection+JSON.

Another interesting series continues, with the third part of Cloud Elements RESTful API design, this time on error handling.

Mike Amundsen posted the latest version of his Hypermedia presentation deck.

Mark Notthingham of the IETF HTTP working group gives an overview of the HTTP/2 implementation status across browsers, servers and other tools.

Episode 6 of the ApiUncesored podcast interviewed Jason Harmon about the API process at PayPal, API implementation strategy and strategy, and governance of APIs.

How to understand your target API consumer, asks Bill Doerrfeld on Nordic APIs’ blog, while Kristopher Sandoval tells the tale of four API designs, dissecting common API architectures.

Tameez Sunderji asks whether your API should be public or not, how this would support your overall business, and what it takes in terms of investment to support a public API program.

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