- June 21, 2015

This summer we’ve decided to groovy things up a bit and launch a virtual hackathon for all the API lovers of the world! It’s going to be a gas!

Logo_Summer of APIs

Kin Lane, API Evangelist, and Restlet are co-organizing this contest and we hope to get you excited about Open Data.

The idea behind this hackathon is to have developers select open datasets and expose interesting data through APIs (created on APISpark, of course). There is a lot of interesting data out there that is completely accessible yet no one is doing anything about it. Sure, sometimes the data is a little messy, but it might hold a gold-mine of information!

So we hope that with this hackathon, you will get as excited as us and want to build your own API, exposing what you think the rest of the world should learn about.

To register, head to the Summer of APIs page, read the instructions and fill in the form so we can lift all basic plan limits on your APISpark account.


There are great prizes to win for 5 lucky (and innovative) contestants! To make sure everyone is happy, we have pre-selected three prizes that the winners will be able to pick from.
The prizes are:

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Summer of APIs page and pick the most bitchin’ open datasets!