- June 26, 2015

API Evangelist and Restlet have launched their Summer of APIs virtual hackathon, to promote Open Data through making them accessible via APIs, hosted on Restlet’s APISpark platform. There are some cool prizes to win, for developers coming up with nice and useful APIs!

Yves de Montcheuil wonders which approach to use for your data APIs: generic or specialized?

SnapLogic announces a partnership with Restlet to bring API management capabilities to data integration experts.

Kin Lane explains how to make your API projects forkable, shareable in an IDE using CodeEnvy and APIs.json, talks again about the APIs.json discovery format, as a potential engine in the API economy, analyses different monetization approaches for API deployment services, and helps us better understand the licensing of data server through APIs.

First of third-party APIs? Kristopher Sandoval elaborates on the advantages and drawbacks of both approaches on Nordic APIs blog. Also an eBook compilation of the articles on the API lifecycle from the blog has been released, and you can browse the complete list of eBooks available as well.

REST implies content negotiation, by Mark Seemann, as hypermedia has its limits, only content negotiation can help with API schema changes.

During the Nordic APIs world tour, Pedro Felix presented about designing evolvable APIs for the web.

Bradley Wogsland tells about its discovery and use of Swagger to document his Web API, guiding you through the various key parts of the Swagger format.

Andy Wilkinson released a first milestone of the Spring REST Docs project, presenting it as an alternative approach to Swagger to documenting Spring based applications.

ProgrammableWeb talks about Rest United to generate SDKs for REST APIs.

Mashape introduces an Analytics module to visualize and inspect API performance in real-time.

Exploring the Coinbase API with Postman.

Paul Bruce lists 11 misconceptions about APIs, covering business importance, availability, security, metadata or soap.

Lateral.IO recommendation API tells the story of their API documentation process and tools, in a nutshell: API blueprint, Aglio, Drafter, HttpSnippet, and some custom scripts.

APImatic announce their code generation API, an API you can invoke to generate SDKs for your own API. But you can also use their API to validate your API definitions (Swagger, RAML, API Blueprint…)

Jetty 9.3 adding HTTP/2 support and celebrates 20th anniversary.

On the Postman blog, you’ll find explanations on how to inspect Postman requests, to have a deeper understanding about what’s flowing through the wire.

And some more news with Kin Lane’s weekly API report!