- June 29, 2015

The American Independence Day is already next Saturday! What do we usually enjoy watching on the 4th of July? The fireworks, of course! Sparky, our little bee mascot, decided to hunt to find the fireworks taking place near you. That’s why we launched our 4th of July Fireworks page!

Let’s find fireworks near you and contribute ones in your area!


You might also be interested in knowing that this fireworks website is actually… a Web API hosted on our APISpark platform.

In a later post, I’ll dive in more details about the technical aspects, but in a nutshell, this fireworks data set of the website is backed by a Google Sheets Wrapper: the data is stored in Google Sheets, and APISpark exposes a Web API out of it. And for the HTML / CSS / JavaScript assets? There are actually stored and versioned in Github, and served by APISpark thanks to a Github File Store Wrapper. So everything, data and presentation, are served as APIs through our platform. No need to take care of hosting the application on some server in the cloud, as APISpark can handle it all.

But back to our main topic, let’s celebrate July 4th, find a nice spot to watch the fireworks, and enjoy the show! Tell us what you have planned for July 4th, or share your fireworks pictures with the #APIFireworks tag on Twitter or Instagram!

Also if you know of fireworks not listed here, please submit them!