- July 10, 2015

Restlet and Streamdata.IO partner to deliver API live streaming. The Restlet and Streamdata.IO team built a little demo showcasing a quiz app, showing live voting updating in near-realtime.

Try the HTTP Status Code Quiz!

I’m fortunate to have had the chance of being a guest poster on Kin’s API Evangelist blog! I’ve detailed a walkthrough of how to deploy my 4th of July fireworks API using a Google Sheets and APISpark. There’s also a new version of this app and API for France’s Bastille Day!

Restlet Framework 2.3.3 was released, with various bug fixes and enhancements. For the record, Restlet Framework is also what powers our APISpark API platform!

Postman 3 delivers new developer experience, in this interview of Postman founder by Jérôme Louvel.

Amazon gets into API management with its Amazon API Gateway, to build and run scalable application backends. Kin Lane offers a first reaction to the news.

Speaking of everyone’s favorite API evangelist, Kin distilled his API design research in a single PDF.

My former colleagues from OCTO Technology have translated their (initially French-written) REST API design guidelines. That’s a pretty good piece, covering lots of ground, and sounding like a good consensus over the common practice seen out there.

A new version of Schema Guru released, to derive JSON schemas from a collection of JSON payloads, with improvements, such as a Web UI, warnings for duplicate keys in objects, Base64 recognition, some early enum support, and more.

Robert Winkler, on his new blog, explains how to document a REST API with Swagger and AsciiDoctor.

Chad Lung demonstrates how to build a Go REST service with Gorilla.

Monitor RAML APIs with API Science.

Felix Gnass introduces SwaggerTron, the Swagger UI packaged as a Mac OS X app.

An article on InfoWorld from Eric Knorr, titled the API evangelist has spoken, coming back over the 5 years of Kin Lane’s API evangelism (happy anniversary Kin!).

Kin Lane updated the list of API related conferences.

Manfred Bortenschlager wrote the last part of his series on building effective API programs, with an article on key success factors.

A missing brick in the API industry? A place to discuss API design, comment, rate, edit and more.

Runscope share their 5 post-launch steps to make your apps and APIs successful.

On Nordic APIs blog, by Kristopher Sandoval: living in the cloud stack – understanding SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS APIs.

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