- July 17, 2015

Last week, Amazon announced its API gateway, and this week we have more coverage and reactions to the news, with an article on InfoQ, more thoughts from Kin Lane who would like more hypermedia in the mix, Steven Willmott of 3scale contrasting the 3scale offering an Amazon’s API gateway, and Mark O’Neill from Axway seeing this move as a validation of the API gateway category.

John Titus writes about moving a simple API to Amazon API gateway.

At APIDays Sydney, Kin Lane presented on the programmable world with APIs and containers.

The biggest obstacle for hypermedia adoption, says Kin Lane, is the cognitive load of the average API designer.

Markus Karg details what to expect in JAX-RS 2.1 in Java EE 8 in a presentation at the Java Forum Stuttgart conference.

AutoRest generates client libraries for .Net from Swagger API definitions.

Jennifer Riggins explains how to design great APIs with API-first design and RAML.

A new version of Vault, the tool for “managing secrets” from HashiCorp, is out. And I hadn’t noticed before that there’s also an API to access Vault via HTTP.

Dave Cottlehuber shares his magic tools for the command-line RESTafarian, including the venerable cURL, but also jq, httpie and yajl.

Bintray, the Distribution as a Service solution, exposes a Web API to allow developers to programmatically handle distributions, artifacts, signing, and more.

Over on StableLib, an article explains how to secure Go Web applications, which is interesting if you’re building APIs with Go, as it covers topics like security headers, rate limitation, CSRF protection, and secure cookies.

Less known and widespread than Go, the Rust programming language developed by Mozilla also offers some REST library with Rustful, which just released a 0.1.0 version.

A new release of SpringFox, to document Spring Web APIs with Swagger.

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