- July 24, 2015

For the Summer of APIs hackathon, Thierry Templier posted about his participation in the program, showing how to use APISpark, D3.js, TopoJSON, to visualize Open Data sets.

APIs are the next evolution of the Web says API evangelist Kin Lane, mentioning how solutions like APISpark, Zapier and Blockspring enable anyone to deploy, consume and orchestrate APIs, without any programming.

On the Nordic APIs blog, Bill Doerrfeld balances complexity and simplicity in API design and Kristopher Sandoval shares his top 5 development tips for a killer API.

Lexy Mayko of API2cart guides us through the API business models to select the winning one in the API economy war and shares 5 essential API building decisions to make before the actual go.

In an entertaining story, Nicolas Babel of Streamdata.IO compares network based architectures to Paris’ architecture!

On the Smartbear blog, Paul Bruce claims that Amazon API Gateway shakes your API management strategy.

A retrospective on 2 years of JSON Web Tokens by Matias Woloski of Auth0.

Declarative API testing with gabbi, a tool by InnoQ, in Python, using YAML as the language for defining the test scenarios.

Although he’s throwing the baby with the bathwater, Tomasz Nurkiewicz posted an interesting critique of REST, in his post RESTful considered harmful, outlining that REST might not always be appropriate for all business requirements, with poor mappings between your domain and HTTP verbs, status codes, and not fit for event-oriented approaches.

APIMetrics says API documentation needs love too, mentioning Swagger, RAML and API Blueprint.

Giving your APIs a little Swagger, by Rob Baines, using the Go-Restful framework.

Mohsen Azimi explains how to split a Swagger spec file into smaller files.

Ole Lensmar writes about how to customize your auto-generated Swagger definitions.

Swagger’s father Tony Tam points at how to import Swagger definitions in Amazon API Gateway and blogged about it on the Swagger blog.

Mashape’s Kong is out with version 0.4 with OAuth 2, CORS, IP limitation support .

Apigee releases a new eBook: the definitive guide to API management.

A podcast with Mike Amundsen “a lap around REST” on Hallway Conversations.

A video of Kin Lane’s presentation at APIDays Mediterranea on the community driven API lifecycle.

On the highscalability blog, part 2 of Algolia’s successful fury road to a worldwide search API.

Build synthetic API tests for SPA (Single Page Application) using Runscope.

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