- August 07, 2015

The Restlet Framework open source project has a new home for its discussions, with a brand new Google Group.

Kin Lane presented a workshop on the Summer of APIs virtual hackathon, explaining how to work on your data, your API, and how to promote your project.

Justin Davis wrote about how to design great API documentation, pointing at the Lob service (an API for physical mail) which provides nice looking and easy to grok API documentation.

Why your company needs an API evangelist, by Sam Macklin from CA, about evangelizing APIs in your organization, the anatomy of an API evangelist, and how to coordinate success with APIs.

How APIs are disrupting the way we think, explained by Jennifer Riggins on Nordic APIs blog. And McKenzie Fetzer from CloudElements writes about how APIs are changing the business landscape.

A good API shouldn’t need an SDK, claims Pete Holiday of Mailchimp, as integrating various SDKs in your projects might become cumbersome, whereas you could easily integrate the underlying services easily calling Web endpoints in any language anyway.

Why can’t I just expose entities via API asks Eduards Sizovs. Although at first sight it might be unneeded complexity to add an indirection layer, it quickly becomes obvious when you need to serve different views over your entities, depending on client capabilities or privacy concerns.

Good, bad and ugly APIs, a video of Michele Titolo, learned from the perspective of iOS development.

Darrel Miller comes back on the topic of trailing slashes in our API URLs and Kin Lane too.

Based on the Maslow hierarchy of needs, API2cart defined the API hierarchy pyramid, actually even 4 pyramids!

Bill Doerrfeld talks about API discovery: 11 ways to find APIs.

Monitor the health of your APIs using RAML and API Science on ProgrammableWeb.

Real-time web technologies guide, a very comprehensive list by Phil Leggetter from Pusher.

An introduction to API by Stewart Nicholas, with a bit of historical background about where this concept came from.

An old article from Troy Hunt on the various ways to handle API versioning, showcasing three different approaches.

Runscope is launching a concept of environments, to let teams define their API tests, monitoring, etc, across different kind of environments, like development, staging, pre-production, production, with the ability to tweak things per environment.

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