- August 31, 2015

javaone-logo-2015Guillaume Laforge, our Product Ninja and Advocate, will be speaking at JavaOne about the Groovy programming language and REST API tools and libraries. He’s been selected as one of the “featured speakers” of the conference. If you’re using Restlet Framework, Restlet Studio or APISpark, don’t hesitate to tell Guillaume about it, he’ll be more than happy to chat with you.

Guillaume will be presenting two talks:

  • Take a Groovy REST
    Web APIs are everywhere, at every corner of the Web! To be “hip”, let’s stay at REST. For even more hype, what can we do with the Groovy programming language and Restful Web APIs?

    In this session, Guillaume Laforge will talk about APIs, how do Groovy and Rest services interact, how to test such APIs with Spock to be “Enterprisey”!

    And along the way, we’ll discover other interesting tools and libraries to facilitate this interaction with Web APIs.

  • Groovy with Style
    With 4.5 million downloads last year, the Groovy programming language is used by hundreds of thousands developers worldwide. But how do those developers use and write Groovy code?What should “idiomatic” Groovy code look like?
    What are the good practices in terms of syntax style, or typing preferences?
    What are the nice shortcuts to be aware of to be more productive with Groovy?

    Guillaume Laforge will answer those questions along the way, and give you some good hints and share his 12 years of Groovy experience!