- September 01, 2015

Restlet JS 0.4 was recently released.

Restlet JS is a port of the open source Restlet Framework to the JavaScript language to be able to use its concepts with Node and within Web browsers.

In this version, we completely refactored the implementation to provide a better design better suited for the asynchronous approaches of JavaScript and Node.

Here are the highlights of this version:

  • Refactoring of project foundations
  • Better organization of modules
  • Asynchronous processing support to handle requests
  • Use of browserify for the browser version
  • Efforts on the documentations and the ability to generate them from JSDocs
  • Improved unit tests coverage
  • Continuous integration with Travis CI

This version is available within both NPM and Bower. For more details, you can have a look at the readme of the project: .

If you want to make me feedbacks or contribute (contributing isn’t necessary writing code!), feel free to contact us!

You can also have a look at what’s planned for our next milestone, version 0.4.1!