- September 04, 2015

Jérôme Louvel interviewed founder for InfoQ.

Kin Lane on the need for a common, Open Source API design editor for API service providers, showing a screenshot of our Restlet Studio, and is wondering if API keys and secrets are actually secure.

Arnaud Lauret, the API Handyman, was interviewed by Lexy Mayko of API2cart. Arnaud is playing with Swagger extensions to make them appear in the Swagger API editor.

A presentation from Jake Wharton at DroidCon NYC 2015 on the upcoming Retrofit 2.0 library for invoking Web APIs.

Is an API portal a wiki of APIs asks Mark O’Neill?

David Weinberger dives into what APIs can do for news.

On InfoQ, a presentation from Paul Glavish, on practical considerations when designing an API design from scratch.

Generate RESTful API documentation from annotations in Go code, by Robert Gabriel, intern at TeamWork.

Integrate your Slack with Swagger demonstrates how to build and integrate into Slack a Swagger-Node project.

Rick Hightower has published part 3 on his QBit microservices library covering its RESTful aspects.

Know the difference between URI, URL and URN? Garry Bhattal gives the explanation.

On Nordic APIs blog, Kristopher Sandoval dives into Docker containers and APIs with an overview.

A change management workflow for API consumers using the API Changelog by Mark Boyd. Particularly interesting if you depend on various third-party APIs to track and act upon changes to these APIs.

How APIs are changing software as we know it, by Nicolas Garnier of Mailjet.

Google App Engine allows batching HTTPS REST requests, thanks to SPDY / HTTP/2.

A short article on the nice and handy httpie command-line tool by Emiliano Mancuso.

Dheeraj Kumar Aggarwal introduces vREST, an online tool which will help you to automate your REST API Testing.

How to write powerful automated API tests with Postman, Newman and Jenkins.

Bill Doerrfeld talks about data sharing in the IoT, on Nordic APIs blog.

James Higginbotham asks if your web or mobile API puts your business at risk.

API security, key takeaways from recent breaches by Jyoti Chawla.

Tibco acquires Mashery from Intel and Apiary raises $6.8 million to empower the human element in API development.

APIStrat Austin 2015 was announced, it’ll take place on November 18th-20th, at the Sheraton Austin Hotel.

On ComputerWorld, Rohan Pearce talks about how to create an API program, in the context of the enterprise and the API economy.

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