- September 11, 2015

On Nordic APIs blog, Oscar Santolalla answers the question on what makes an API demo unforgettable, Kristopher Sandoval on the top specification format for REST APIs, and Bill Doerrfeld balances complexity & simplicity in API design.

Our favorite API evangelist, as prolific as always ;-), is cultivating the next generation of API design skills, or is also talking about algorithmic transparency with containers and APIs, among many other topics!

APIs are the new FTEs, says Gaurav Jain.

Ben Busse argues that reusable REST APIs are changing the game.

Alvaro Sanchez Mariscal presented about stateless authentication with OAuth 2 and JWT (JSON Web Tokens).

Kevin Sookocheff on choosing a hypermedia type for your API, with HAL, JSON-LD, Collection+JSON or Siren.

A thorough overview of the changes in the upcoming RetroFit 2.0 library.

The Spring framework team has been progressing towards a release candidate for their Spring REST docs support.

Swagger for F# web apps by Sergey Tihon.

Why API providers should dog food their own APIs, asks Jennifer Riggins.

The API Changelog is partnering with 3scale to automatically track API changes.