- September 15, 2015

Restlet is pleased to announce the acquisition of DHC, the Dev HTTP Client Chrome app and online service. With the DHC team and technology now on board, Restlet enriches its tool belt with a handy and powerful solution for Web API discovery, testing and debugging.

Our goal is to bring you a complete platform and a set of tools rapidly decreasing API development time and costs. The acquisition of DHC brings a perfect match to our product portfolio, filling today a gap on manual testing, and soon on automated testing that we plan to explore later on.

For existing DHC users, this acquisition means that they can expect more frequent updates and advanced enterprise features they are looking for. We are pretty excited with this synergy, and we promise a lot of new stuff to come soon!

To our joint Restlet platform and DHC users, we’re going to provide a smooth product integration which will only speed up your productivity.

For our readers and users less familiar with DHC, DHC is a solution for discovering, testing and debugging Web APIs. DHC features an easy to use, simple and configurable interface to make REST compliant HTTP requests with full customization. It is also Hypermedia-friendly, as you can easily navigate and issue calls to linked resources. You can navigate your history of requests and responses and save it for later access, define custom variables to reuse response elements in following request inputs, easily define form parameters, and more. All of this, of course, with nice syntax highlighting of usual formats like HTML, XML, or JSON, but you are also able to view raw responses or display images that might be delivered by your API.

Already used by hundred thousands of developers, you can already try out DHC by Restlet live with the online service, or you can install the Chrome extension for an even richer experience!