- September 15, 2015


Hi! My name is Paul Doscher, and I am now the Old Surfer Dude here at Restlet. You know we at Restlet love unusual job titles, and someday I will tell the story about mine. In a more conventional company, my title would be CEO. This means that from now on, I will have the honor to lead this superb company and its great team toward success!

First and foremost, I would like to recognize the amazing work that the founder of Restlet, Jérôme Louvel, has done in the past two years: turning Restlet from a small organization developing an open source project (the Restlet Framework) into a world-class software vendor, offering the most complete platform for APIs in the cloud. I look forward to continuing to work with Jérôme, who as Chief Geek will now be leading our product technology and engineering efforts, to help building the next phase of Restlet.

Why did I join Restlet? Well, to put it simply, I view the API market as a dynamic and highly competitive one. Already boasting one public company, featuring multiple acquisitions in the past 18 months, this market is heating up. Restlet is uniquely positioned to become a leader in the space, with our comprehensive platform for designing, developing and deploying APIs in the cloud. If anything, the recent launch by Amazon of their own API Gateway is a further confirmation of the burning need for the “apiPaaS” – the Platform as a Service for APIs, a segment in which Gartner identified Restlet as a Cool Vendor.

APIs today are fundamental for all of the most dynamic trends in IT: the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud deployments, mobile apps, etc. Some use the terminology “API Economy”, others talk about Digitalization, about Consumerization of IT, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to bringing flexibility, scalability and resilience to the infrastructure that power these trends. That’s where Restlet comes into play: to put it simply, we address the need to make developing APIs brain dead simple so every developer in every size organization can bring the power of this amazing capability to their business.

Two more things tilted the scale and made me accept the challenge.
The first one is the strong open source history and commitment of Restlet. It’s not everyday that you find a company that built one of the most used framework in their space, and I am really proud of our contributions to the REST world with the Restlet Framework. Open source technologies are the development platforms of today and of the future.
The second one is that every company needs a cool mascot, and I really love Sparky!
apispark_sparky_standingI hope to hear frequently from you in the community. Don’t hesitate to reply through a comment on this post, or even to drop me a line directly – my email is pdoscher (at) restlet (dot) com.