- September 25, 2015

A busy week for Restlet with the announcement of our new CEO, Paul Doscher, as well as the acquisition of DHC, the neat and powerful Dev HTTP Client chrome app. Also read Paul’s reasons for joining the company, as well as Jérôme Louvel’s words on the DHC acquisition.

Paul was featured in an article on Talkin’Cloud on using Java to prime the API economy engine.

This week, Jérôme Louvel and Guillaume Blondeau presented at the Cassandra Summit, on how to build a multi-tenant API PaaS with DataStax Enterprise Search.

A shameless plug also that I (Guillaume Laforge) was listed 7th in JAX’s list of the top 25 social Java influencers. And I also had the privilege of being interviewed by Lexy Mayko of API2cart, on APIs, our Summer of APIs hackathon, conference speaking, Groovy, and more!

Restlet was also in the news, on siliconANGLE, under the title “Open Source API management underdog Restlet makes a new move for developers” by Maria Deutscher.

Kin Lane created an interactive Swagger walk-through web page that guides you through the various elements of a Swagger API definition.

In “From API to streaming API”, Norberto Hertz shows how to transform an API into a streaming API with our partner Streamdata.IO.

Just like our very own APISpark, a new entrant called Sheetsu turns Google Sheets into APIs.

APIMatic releases API transformer, an online tool to convert between API definition formats. There’s also an API available.

An API-in-a-box, with Docker, ElasticSearch and Sinatra.

A nice example of a Groovy DSL to define API mocks with the AccuRest library, that allows developers to work in TDD-style, and for checking implementation of their API matches its contract.

Paulo Lopes shows how to develop contract driven REST services with Vert.x 3.

Biju Kunjummen shows how to issue REST calls with Spring Cloud.

If you need to issue REST calls in your Gradle build, there’s a plugin for that, with Noam Tenne’s REST Gradle Plugin project.

Dealing with deprecating APIs, with emails, notices, but also with X-API-Version and X-API-Warn response headers, as explained by Alex MacCaw of ClearBit.

Avoid hardcoding HTTP status codes, advises Phil Sturgeon.

Htty, a console application for interacting with web servers, as if they were mere file systems that you navigate through on the command-line.

A few days ago took place RESTfest and APIDays London. Lots of content online from presenters. Here’s a recap day 1 and day 2 of APIDays by Dan Cutting.

At RESTfest, Erik Azar talked about transitioning to hypermedia APIs. Leonard Richardson published his slides,

Check out the RESTfest twitter feed for slides, code samples, videos of some of the talks of the conference.

Arnaud Lauret (the famous APIHandyman) of AXA Banque is on an API quest for simplicity.

Managing risk in API projects by Emmanuel Paraskakis.

APIs, not apps: what the future will be like when everyone can code, by Al Sweigart.

The API-application semantics gap by Steven Willmott of 3scale.

API thinking by James Higginbotham.

When everything is not actually 200 OK, by Patrick Poulin of APIFortress, when APIs always return 200 but with errors contained in the payload.

Nordic APIs released a collection eBook securing the API stronghold, and and article from Kristopher Sandoval explaining that your API is vulnerable if 4 risks are not mitigated.

SmartBear’s Ole Lansmar presented about API virtualization as mocking on steroids.

Honza Javorek, of APIary, shared his slides of his presentation on designing APIs, with a focus on developer experience and documentation.

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