- October 21, 2015

Your API is live and ready to be used by API consumers. It is time you tell the world how your API should be used! You remember that APISpark provides built-in support for the Swagger UI, which is especially nice for interacting live with the API, but you can also share the HTML documentation of your API with your consumers.

The API HTML documentation provided by APISpark is based on Robert Winkler’s Swagger2Markup project, which leverages Asciidoctor, takes Swagger definitions in input, and spits out nice looking HTML.

In APISpark, click on the “Downloads” tab, then select the “Documentation > HTML” item in the left pane, and you’ll be able to select whether you want to download the documentation for the current version under development (if you’re making changes to your API but haven’t deployed it yet in production), or the version currently in production (you can also select another version of your API in the upper right hand corner if needed)


Once clicked on the download button, a little popup box will appear while APISpark is preparing the documentation, and once it’s done, your API documentation will be downloaded automatically. The documentation will look something like the following:


The Swagger2Markup project also allows generating documentation in PDF and EPUB formats, and depending on your feedback, we might also be adding support for these formats, but we thought that HTML was the most important one to support out of the box!