- October 23, 2015

DHC by Restlet is a pretty powerful and user-friendly API testing tool, and Thierry Templier published a detailed tour of DHC, to get users started.

For your API documentation, APISpark now offers the ability to download API HTML documentation, thanks to the Swagger2Markup integration.

Swann Vichot & Fabienne Launay recorded a screencast on how to define and use deeper data models in APISpark, with nested data structures (composite properties, lists, etc.)

I’ll round up the Restlet related news with this APISpark case study, where Italian researchers are using APISpark for the API of the knowledge base of a wine recommendation expert system.

On Nordic APIs blog, Bill Doerrfeld exposes the power of unexpected IoT APIs. Also there, how APIs have transformed advertising.

Runscope is introducing its live API traffic alert product, and Jeevak Kasarkod interviewed Neil Mansilla on InfoQ about it.

Marc Kuo, in his article “Don’t build in-house, there’s an API for that”, argues that you shouldn’t build a service in-house that already exists as an API elsewhere. It’s simpler to build upon such an API and focus on your added value, rather than reinventing the wheel.

Kin Lane is cultivating the next generation of API design skills.

API tooling companies, we’re watching you” on the APIDays Medium blog, following up on Bruno Pedro’s talk on automating API discovery.

Mark Derricutt’s been working on the HalBuilder project, a Java library for defining links between related resources, navigating hypermedia-linked REST services.

Swagger 1.5.4 was released, with support for Java 8, for Java servlets, as well as various fixes.

I’ve mentioned already httpie a while ago in this column, but I spotted a new article on httpie, a CLI HTTP client that will make your smile.

Tons of API models in Swagger 2.0.

Easy mock REST APIs, with JSONPlaceholder and JSON-server.

A 5 minute video on building a RESTful API in Go using only the standard library.

Enunciate, scrapes API documentation from JavaDoc comments.

The rise of API-first applications by Travid Tidwell from Form.IO: slides and video. API-first approaches allows developer to go multi-channel more easily: build a mobile app, a web site, partner integrations, etc, all on top of the base API.

The nice-looking API documentation & developer portal Gelato is joining the Mashape family. The Mashape blog also covers the news. And speaking of Mashape, their Analytics product is now called Gallileo and adds new features.

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  • > Tons of API models in Swagger 2.0.

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    For now I just accumulating initial batch of APIs to bootstrap this project.
    In long run I want to implement “Wikipedia for Web APIs” concept.
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