- October 30, 2015

Pascal Guilcher demoes a realtime stock quotes from Google Finance, using APISpark and Streamdata.IO.

Thierry Templier explains how to implement file upload with the Restlet Framework.

I also blogged about the API definition translation in APISpark, RAML import & multi-file definitions support.

On Nordic APIs blog, Bill Doerrfeld is talking about architecting an API backend using an interesting matrix with data access & side effects on one axis, and with self contained and vendor dependency on the other.

Sergio De Simone defines API developer experience and why it matters on InfoQ, summarizing advice from various players in the API field.

On the Runscope blog, Harlow Ward of Clearbit was invited to write about managing changes in APIs with continuous regression testing, for a more seamless customer experience, with taking care of API versioning.

Kin Lane is covering the benefits and risks of an Open API standard, mentions the new podcast in the mood for HTTP from Darrel Miller and Glenn Block, and summarizes a discussion on successful patterns for multi-lingual APIs and documentation.

Ben White is combining React and Swagger to build better API docs.

Jason Harmon presented API design anti-patterns.

A video of a presentation by Dan Prisacaru on RESTfulness, API design, guidelines, and more.

In the “lambda” mood, Stamplay introduces the notion of “code blocks” to let API developers add custom business logic in their APIs.

Swagger CodeGen 2.1.4 released, with lots of bug fixes and code enhancements, and Swagger Parser 1.0.11 is out too.

QBit 0.9.1 REST-friendly micro-service library was released.

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