- November 18, 2015

APIs, like any server, can send and receive requests, these can take the form of either asking for information or sending data. HTTP status codes provide us with information on what occurred during the request. It can be easy to get lost in the seemingly endless pit of acronyms and numbers, so we decided to take these families of HTTP status codes (of which there are 5) and display them in a visually pleasing manner from which we could all profit.

Our Product Ninja, Guillaume Laforge, had the idea to represent these families in the form of a metro map with each of the groupings forming a line. With the combined efforts of François and Thierry, and some many hours of hard work later, we had a fully interactive metro map with definitions of each of the status codes. You can check out the finished product by clicking on the image below.


If you would like to learn more about status codes you can find further details here:
List of HTTP status codes

HTTP Status Codes map_final