- November 20, 2015

As you may have heard, we organized a virtual hackathon this summer, the Summer of APIs, and since the end of September we’ve been evaluating the different projects submitted. It was great seeing the different ways you used our tools and it has definitely been useful to determine what to bring to you next!


Our winner was Pierre-Alban from France. He and his friend Bruno created a quizz to name people who had an impact in the city of Nantes and that had a street, park or other public space named after them. The application shows you the first sentence of the person’s Wikipedia page, blanking out their name, and you have a limited number of seconds to chose the right answer (between a selection of three).

To know more about how this app was made, check out his blog post: Building a multi-player quizz with and APISpark

Thanks again to all of those who participated and keep an eye out for our next competition!

Winners, Bruno and Pierre-Alban, who came all the way to our Restlet office to pick up their prize, a Darkside Ollie robot.

SOAs winners