- November 27, 2015

A round number, for this week in API land, with the 30th edition! And I’ll start with another round number, with this interview I did of Jérôme Louvel, on the 10th anniversary of Restlet Framework: 10 years of REST APIs in Java.

Thierry Templier detailed the testing and assertion capabilities of DHC by Restlet, to test your RESTful Web APIs.

The API Strategy & Practice conference is over.

The team at 3scale summarised the conference, in day #1, day #2 part 1, and part 2.

Desiree Schillinger, from her APIStrat recap, listed 6 expert tips for successful API developer marketing.

I’ve also collected a few slide decks from the conference by following the busy #apistrat hashtag on Twitter:

API2cart on APIs as a revenue model: 5 ways to earn more, by focusing on customers, with retention & loyalty, API as an upsell drive, affiliation power, and API as a distribution channel.

Aline Paponaud, CTO at OnPrint, in a presentation, shared about the platform era: 7 steps to a great API.

Pedro Felix writes on Nordic APIs blog about designing evolvable APIs for the web: identification.

The Stormpath team has been baking the best darn HTTP cookies.

What if your bank had an open API you could use? Well, James Allison’s bank has one, and he built his own online banking application.

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