- December 08, 2015

Last week, I was privileged to attend the Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit (AADI for short) in Las Vegas. Like I have done in the past (in prior lives), I have tweeted during the sessions, relaying some of the thoughts and quotes I especially liked. Some tweets are mine, some are retweets.

This post is not meant to represent a summary of the conference, but rather an excerpt of some ideas I liked, or that made me think (or jolted me awake… don’t forget the Summit was in Vegas!)

I’ll start with this tweet, which speaks for itself:

Paolo Malinverno has a simple image to define what an #API is… #GartnerAADI

After last year’s bimodal IT, the focus of this year’s keynote was the “DigiFlip”:

Part of the #Digiflip: no longer just IT buying stuff, business people too. #GartnerAADI #ShadowIT

#BizOps: drop the requirements, focus on outcome. No design upfront. #GartnerAADI

RT ‏@ted_friedman: Most common phrases from #IT roles at #GartnerAADI: “They [LOB leaders] are moving too fast” & “We need more adaptive tech & approaches”.

Interesting new concept, coined by Gartner: BizOps… taking agile development to the ultimate stage, no design, no formal requirements, “just do it” (and remain relevant).

So, beside BizOps, what’s new? Benoit Lheureux had opportunities to discuss this in one on ones:

RT ‏@BLheureux: #GartnerAADI attendee Q: “What’s new in integration?”; Long discussions ensues: API First, iPaaS, Bimodal, Hybrid Integration Platform, etc.

It’s a brave new world, and it keeps changing… not your daddy’s integration… not even your older brother’s integration!

It took an awfully long time to hear about microservices in this conference – maybe next year? Anne Thomas had a great session though.

#microservices are based on SOA principles but are not designed for reuse b/c it creates dependencies that reduce agility #GartnerAADI

#microservices own their data => denormalization. I see #DataGovernance challenges on the horizon… #GartnerAADI

Still lots of challenges before microservices become mainstream.

When API (kinda) rhymes with security:

Publishing an API doesn’t mean opening everything to everyone. Security is integral part of API strategy. #GartnerAADI

Has there been security breaches of APIs? You bet there has… It’s proof of their success, btw. #GartnerAADI

Oh, do you need an API by the way? Mark O’Neill from Axway had some good stats.

A few years ago people would ask “do we need a website?”. Now question is “do we need a web API?” (hint: answer is the same) #GartnerAADI

Further down, he compared the trajectory of websites with the one of APIs. A simple 15-year timeshift.

Ted Friedman and Massimo Pezzini spoke about HIP, the Hybrid Integration Platform. Some goodies on this topic:

The hybrid integration platform includes all: on-prem data integration & app integration, iPaaS, iSaaS, API management. #GartnerAADI

Most popular integration tool isn’t Excel, it’s copy & paste, says @mpezzinigartner #GartnerAADI

Excel is the most popular Business Intelligence tool, folks, but it’s not (really) an integration tool.