- December 25, 2015

apispark_sparky_santa_clausIt’s the Christmas edition of my API news column. The whole Restlet team is joining me to wish you a Merry Christmas!

A startup journey on Amazon Web Services: from bare metal monolith, to serverless microservices. Benoît Hédiard talks about microservices developed in the Groovy programming language on Amazon Lambda, triggered by Amazon API Gateway.

Thierry Templier demonstrates how to do exception handling with the Restlet Framework.

From his talk at APIDays London, Arnaud Lauret is on a quest for simplicity for his APIs.

Freddy Rangel on APIs for humans: the rise of the Developer eXperience, explaining that experience matters, that empathy should be a guiding principle in your API development, and gives advice:

  • making your users awesome,
  • creating an empathetic API,
  • making the API easy to understand, easier to use and debug,
  • help your users get help,
  • and more.

Kin Lane shares his thoughts on variable API rate limits, based on the number of your API posts and gets.

On Nordic APIs blog, Bill Doerrfeld talks about content negotiation for Web API longevity.

Rob Winch discusses how to properly secure your RESTful endpoints with the Spring framework. He explores some common pitfalls when applying security to RESTful APIs and how the new features in Spring Security can greatly simplify securing your RESTful APIs.

The Internet of APIs will break out in 2016, claims Stuart Parkerson on the App Development Magazine.

An in-depth look at CORS on Sitepoint, by Ivan Dimov.

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