- January 15, 2016

Thierry Templier dives into Node.JS based-APIs, and what APISpark can bring to them, using Swagger for the API definition, and Express.JS and HAPI for the implementation.

Jérôme Louvel interviewed Dion Hinchcliffe about the past and future of Web APIs for InfoQ.

Voxxed published the video of my presentation at the Devoxx conference about the never-ending REST API design debate.

James Higginbotham raises 10 questions your API documentation must answer.

Keith Casey explains why hypermedia makes sense, as it makes “APIs explorable for clients, more flexible in design, and provides explicit descriptions for relationships between resources”.

REST can go way beyond CRUD, obviously, but it’s not always obvious how to best model non-CRUD requirements properly. In the article “RESTful Service-Design: How to overcome the CRUD-nature of the REST-style”, Stephan Bauer explores an example of how to design some business logic validation the RESTful way.

Darrel Miller publishes a series of “HTTP patterns”: Alias, Bucket, Miniput and the funny-named Whack-a-mole.

API gateways to direct microservices architecture by Kristopher Sandoval on Nordic APIs blog. Kristopher explains what an API gateway is, how it is different from API management solutions, and lists benefits & drawbacks of gateways.

Simon Ferguson gave a presentation with a government perspective on API management during APIDays New Zealand.

Hugo Wood released a new version of Fanfaron, his no-surprise Java model of the Swagger 2.0 specification, this time with 100% coverage of the specification.

The OpenAPI initiative announces the next steps for the OpenAPI Specification (née Swagger), with its new name, the new repository on Github, new members and more.

On Nordic APIs blog, Chris Wood details what the Open API Initiative means for the API space.

SmartBear introduces private APIs in Swagger Hub.

Apiary’s Zdenek Nemec writes about how to find API design inspiration on Github: as the API Blueprint is a recognized language on Github, you can easily search for existing API definitions, and find interesting information on how to model pagination, authentication, rate limiting, or hypermedia.

Extract data from MixPanel API by George Psistakis.

Owen Rubel talked about I/O state and API chaining at the SpringOne2GX conference.

Mashape revamped their website.

Import.IO raises $13 million Series A for its data extraction platform.

A new API related conference, in Las Vegas next July: All About The API.

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