- January 25, 2016

Today marks an important milestone in Restlet’s mission to deliver a comprehensive and unified platform for API developers (which I will use here in the broad sense of the term: developers creating/publishing APIs and developers using/consuming APIs). API-centric development capabilities are meant to make the daily life of developers easier: from API contract design to actual API implementation, from API discovery to API functional testing, from API security to usage analytics, and more.

Thanks to the relentless work of our engineering team, we deployed this morning the latest version of all the products composing the Restlet Platform: Restlet Studio, DHC by Restlet and APISpark. From now on, all three products will be sharing user accounts, plans, and more and more common/shared features to make them more interoperable.

Unified user accounts
All the features of the platform are now available through a single user account. You can create this account from any of the products, or directly from the Restlet website, and it will unlock access to all the other Restlet products. If you already have an account, no need to change anything, your credentials remain the same. And, same as before, you can use your Github or Google account to sign in.

Unified, all-inclusive plans
There is no need to decide which features you need today or in the future, or to purchase additional options – Restlet’s plans are all inclusive. Whether you choose the Free Plan or one of our inexpensive paid plans, they provide access to the features of all products. More detail on the plans and their price is provided below.

Sharing & save to cloud across the Restlet Platform
Now also available in Restlet Studio and DHC by Restlet is the ability to save all of your API projects, contracts, test scenarios, etc. to the cloud, and to retrieve them from any computer. You’ll also get the peace of mind that you won’t lose your work if your browser crashes or gets reinstalled. And with the new team collaboration capabilities, you will also be able to share your work with team members, and to work together on API projects.

Detail of the plans
Because one size does not fill all, Restlet offers plans that fit perfectly to the size of your project:

  • A Free Plan will always be available for simple projects.
  • With an inexpensive price of $9 per month, the Solo Plan brings enterprise-grade development tooling to any API project.
  • Multi-user Team Plan introduces team collaboration for a low monthly fee of $49 (including 5 users).
  • The Scale Plan can be customized any way you need: more team members, more API projects, more API calls, more data storage… just contact us to discuss your exact needs.

Please note that you will still be able to use Restlet Studio and DHC by Restlet in “preview” mode, without having an account. But to access some of the more advanced features, creating an account will be required (Free Plan is OK).

All active users of Restlet products have been notified individually of how these changes potentially impact them. If you think you did not get this important message, please contact

If you have any questions, our user success team is always there to help. Just reach out to them via the chat window embedded in the products, or via email: