- January 27, 2016
The version 2.3.6 of the Restlet Framework has been released yesterday.
You can get Maven artifacts from our public Maven repository, download a zip containing jar, javadocs and sources from or use the Eclipse update site, to get the latest and greatest of Restlet Framework.

Here is a list of the bug fixes and updates. This list includes also the fixes/updates of the 2.3.5 version:
  •  Restlet Framework 2.3.6 (01/26/2016)
    •  Bugs fixed
      •  Fixed current application thread constant when issuing internal calls #1183
      •  Fixed StringIndexOutOfBoundsException in HeaderReader when reading header with empty value #1167
      •  Fixed StatusService.toStatus(Status, Request, Response) is not called #1156
      •  Fixed issue with case sensitivity of query parameters with JAX-RS #1163
      •  Fixed method value caching broken #1130
      •  Prevented NPE if using Redirector.MODE_SERVER_INBOUND #1182
    • Enhancements
      • Upgraded Jetty connector to version 9.2.14 #1180
  • Restlet Framework 2.3.5 (10/03/2015)
    • Bugs fixed
      • Added check for jar class path resources if the inputstream is empty. Reported and contributed by Gernot Pansy
      • Fixed Jetty server connector that sends the Date header twice #1141
      • Fixed ResourceException constructor calling incorrect Status constructor. #1139 reported by Chad Gatesman
      • Fixed support of encoding inside the DecodeRepresentation, and the Jetty client connector #1146
      • Fixed handling of header Access-Control-Expose-Headers. #1147 reported and contributed by Ralph van Etten
      • Fixed issue when setting header Access-Control-Expose-Headers #1145 reported by Ralph van Etten
      • Removed useless log trace for HTTP_OAUTH_BEARER request with raw value #1152
      • Cors filter does not take into account PATCH method #1178
    • Enhancements
      • Added Request and response attributes to the ResourceException class
      • ServerResource traces Exception in the doCatch method with SEVERE log level, in case of 5xx errors
      • Added Guice extension to GAE edition #1136
      • Upgraded Jetty connector to version 9.2.14 #1180
    • API changes
      • Added ResourceException#resource attribute and ResourceException#getRequest() and ResourceException#getResponse() shortcut methods.