- January 29, 2016

Yves de Montcheuil announces Restlet new plans, new unified capabilities across the Restlet platform.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Restlet announced the integration of DHC by Restlet in HP Systinet.

Yves also lists 4 lessons in the democratization of APIs on Voxxed.

Thierry Templier highlighted the upcoming big changes in Angular.JS 2 that are going to impact developers.

And Thierry also guides you through discovering APIs thanks to DHC by Restlet.

A screencast showing how to import & export RAML API definitions with APISpark and thus do language translation as well.

Thierry Boileau announced the release of Restlet Framework 2.3.6.

Kin Lane shares with Jérôme Louvel this idea of having an icon to represent an API.

James Higginbotham is sharing his “S.U.C.C.E.S.S.” keys to building an API documentation strategy: Solution-focused, Unified understanding, Comprehensive, Collaborative, Engaging, Strategic, and Sustainable.

Arnaud Lauret, the API Handyman, shared the slides of his presentation on API documentation continuous delivery.

In a surprising move, Facebook is shutting down their Parse mobile backend-as-a-service, offering a one year sunset period and a solution to run your own Parse on your infrastructure (migration guide available too). Many actors have been quick to welcome Parse users to their platforms, and Justin Beckwith explained how to run your Parse app on Google App Engine.

Zdenek Nemec of APIary advises API developers to think before coding, by focusing first on your API data model, its contract, its architectural style, before starting to code straight away and being constrained in your design by the tools, language or stack used.

In a very interesting Hangout recording, Kin Lane, Jakub Nesetril and Steven Willmott are talking about how API definitions are the contract for doing business with APIs, and promote a contract-first approach to facilitate collaboration, help scale, and more.

Apiary adds support for the Swagger API definition format (more info), and is joining the Open API Initiative standardizing Swagger as the Open API Specification format.

José David Baena Carrasco wrote a tutorial on writing an API client for your REST API with Swagger codegen.

Ivan Porto Carrero presented about the Go programming language and Swagger integration with SwaggerGo. Speaking of Go, this project is also interesting for quick & easy RESTful JSON APIs in Go.

Eliminate redundancies in RAML with resource types and traits.

How to manage the risk of losing API access by Mark Boyd on ProgrammableWeb, as APIs are an asset a business might depend on, and as such, it has to be dealt with in your risk management strategy.

John Vester explores REST API versioning on DZone.

Kristopher Sandoval improves the API experience using hypermedia on Nordic APIs blog, and Bill Doerrfeld studies the Instagram API and the transient nature of public social APIs.

Nick MacDonalds presented about the Hypermedia API pivot, and was recorded by InfoQ during APIDays New Zealand. And an interview of Jon Moore on Hypermedia APIs and distributed monotonic clocks.

An opinionated piece on rescuing REST from the API winter, by a return to HTML as a response format.

Kin Lane wrote about the Lucybot API console for interactive API documentation.

Jennifer Riggins uncovers the secrets of the usable REST API.

Are APIs the complete answer to the Human Resources interop & integration?

Algolia improves the geo-search capabilities of its powerful search API.

Alex Casalboni dives into Google’s Vision API.

Oleg Šelajev details how to make HTTP calls on Android with Retrofit 2. Also check Restlet Framework’s own Android support.

API monitoring for API management, the ins and outs, by Jon Wilfong of Runscope.

Postman proposes a “run in Postman” button, to offer interactive documentation, workflow examples, instant testing at the click of the button.

Last week I was mentioning a new API conference, here’s a bit more info by Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, launching it on LinkedIn.

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