- February 15, 2016

Apart when working on your side projects at night, chances are that you’re not working alone on your next Web API project, so you want to collaborate on it with your colleagues. Furthermore, you want to access your project from anywhere, any computer, with the assurance that it won’t got away. That’s why we’ve introduced the ability to share your API project with others, as well as save your API project in the cloud, when designing your APIs in Restlet Studio.

Until recently in Studio, projects were just saved locally in your web browser (using the localStorage service). However convenient that may be, when you have to switch computer between your desktop or laptop, or in case your computer crashed somehow, you might not have had access to your project anymore, or worse, have lost your data! That’s why we’ve implemented this oft requested feature! Saving to the cloud will be pretty transparent to you, you’ll only see a subtle information in the navigation bar saying your changes are being saved:


If you opt for the Team plan, you’ll also be able to save and open several API projects, instead of just one project like before. Just click on the “My APIs” link in the “APIs” menu:


Also, you’ll be able to collaborate with your colleagues, and share your projects easily. Again, go in the “APIs” menu and click on the “Share” menu item to select your collaborators via email addresses:


And of course, beside sharing and saving your API designs, you can still import / export Swagger or RAML API definitions, generate client SDKs or server skeletons, and visually craft your API definition with a powerful form editor without requiring deep knowledge of the API language format used.