- February 19, 2016

App Developer Magazine talks about Restlet’s update of its DHC Web-based API testing tool. And we’ve put online a new screencast on testing Web APIs with DHC, using assertions, scenarios, and how to integrate that in your build and continuous integration pipeline.

Sharing and saving your Web API designs in the cloud with Restlet Studio.

In the API community, we often speak about the API lifecycle, but beyond turning round and round in circles, we should probably be speaking of the API flow.

A day in the life of an API developer evangelist: Bill Doerrfeld of Nordic APIs spoke with several evangelists about the key roles they play — including answers from yours truly!

Thierry Templier comes back with the second part of his article on implementing Angular 2 forms (read part one first).

James Higginbotham on resolving the frontend / backend API design conflict.

Mat Ryer introduces Silk: markdown driven Web API tests.

cURL creator Daniel Stenberg explains HTTP redirects.

The Betamax project, a tool for mocking Web APIs, has a new website.

Implementing API rate limitations by Kristopher Sandoval on Nordic APIs blog.

On InfoQ, a video of Shiva Narayanaswamy’s presentation on light and fluffy APIs in the cloud. Shiva discusses event driven architectures, serverless architectures, identity management and security related to building APIs in the Amazon Web Services cloud.

Mashape’s Gelato has added RAML import support in their API documentation tool.

A bit of buzz around Stoplight, with an article from Mark Boyd on TheNewStack about Stoplight’s launch of a modeling suite to design, test, and document APIs, and Kin Lane with a couple articles explaining how to generate Open API specs for your infrastructure and for your the mobile apps you depend on.

Should API service providers invent their own API definition format asks Kin Lane. They should support existing API definitions, but will often necessitate custom internal pivot formats to support their specific capabilities.

Does your REST API need an SDK? asks Ivan Valle. He says that no SDK will palliate a poorly designed API, that a talkative API might make for a chatty SDK, and covering a bad API with an SDK could make the situation even worse.

TheNewStack covers the Serverless project, that offers a framework for AWS Lambda and API Gateway, prophesying that the future of application and API development will be stateless. And another article on the Amazon blog talks about using API Gateway with microservices on Amazon ECS.

Do you publish API documentation online for availability to 3rd-party developers? by David Berlind on ProgrammableWeb.

The secret behind Uber’s industry disruption, the API economy by Alexander Braun.

The datastore company, Basho, hires API expert John Musser. This move is an interesting convergence of APIs, IoT and time-series datastores.

Three things the public service needs for API-driven innovation: procurement policies, overcoming fear of open data, and widening the conversation.

Visa launches Visa developer suite of APIs, on InfoQ.

Palantir acquires Kimonolabs, the web-scraping startup exposing scraped data as APIs. a lightweight, open source service virtualization tool. With Hoverfly, you can virtualize your application dependencies to create a self-contained development or test environment. Specto, the makers of Hoverfly, also write about using API simulation to build microservices alongside a Java monolith.

Speaking of virtualization, on InfoQ, Wojciech Bulaty explains the differences between stubbing, mocking and service virtualization for test and development teams.

MockServer: a project for easy mocking of any system you integrate with via HTTP or HTTPS.

JSON Assert, a library by Marcin Grzejszczak to provide a fluent interface for JSON assertions.

Spring REST Docs v1.1.0M1 released, adding support for REST Assured, Markdown and TestNG.

GET PUT POST, a new mailing-list on the theme of APIs, by Gordon Wintrob, with a first issue about the Coinbase API.

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