- February 26, 2016

Following up the article on the theme of a day in the life of API evangelists on Nordic APIs blog, I’ve published the whole interview with my thoughts on API evangelism.

Thierry Templier published the last part of his article on Angular 2 forms handling (see part one and part two).

Yves de Montcheuil announces Fujitsu RunMyProcess to expand usability of platform with APIs powered by Restlet.

Apigee announces Rapier, a new API specification language, focusing on a data-oriented approach, built upon JSON-Schema, that is able to further generate Swagger definitions too.

RESTful API best practices and common pitfalls by Spencer Schneidenbach, with a .Net focus.

Kin Lane explains what APIs.json is, a definition format for API discovery.

The rise of the API-based SaaS by Ed Shelley, with online services that you interact with via their APIs rather than through a usual Web UI.

Sweet APIs: syntactic sugar and you, on Nordic APIs blog.

Five anti-patterns in designing APIs by Ali Kheyrollahi on InfoQ.

Saul Caganoff talks about APIDays Australia, and says “it’s all about owning our potential”. APIDays Australia takes place in Melbourne, on March 1-2.

A tutorial on Hookbin, to help you capture and inspect HTTP requests.

Andre Asselin writes about client-side Swagger support for Angular.JS.