- March 18, 2016

I wrote an article on InfoQ entitled “One API, many facades”, on the trends towards offering different facades for an API for each and every possible client. In this article, experience & ephemeral APIs are mentioned, and a discussion ensues on different approaches, like the Backend For Frontend pattern, the ways to customize payloads for consumers, the Prefer header, or even GraphQL.

Last Monday was the π day (3/14)! And to celebrate that special day, we created “a Pi API”, that we designed and deployed on APISpark, with a little challenge to find the occurrences of a sequence of digits in π. There’s still till Sunday to play that game, in order to win a Raspberry Pi 3!

The recent releases of DHC, the API test client by Restlet, introduced two interesting features for team collaboration, with saving requests in the cloud and sharing with your team.

And did you get a chance to see the new look for DHC? Do you like it?

Coming back on 10 years of Amazon Web Services, Werner Vogels shares 10 lessons. Among them “APIs are forever”! Changing APIs your customers can be disruptive to their business, so be sure to get the design right.

Is this the end of the API economy asks Simon Bisson.

Matthew Reinbold updated the list of Web API events around the world (by the way, it’s hosted on Restlet’s APISpark API platform).

Personal API are not just a local destination, they are a journey, says Kin Lane.

Kristopher Sandoval lists 4 tools to monitor the status of APIs on Nordic APIs blog.

Darrel Miller comes back with a new HTTP pattern called Discovery, an approach to discovering resources.

Will Web Sockets survive HTTP/2 asks Allan Denis, CTO of

Jenn Strater shares an example project integrating Spring Rest Docs and Ratpack for documenting and testing APIs.

Robert Winkler created a sample Gradle project to easily build a Swagger API documentation with accompanying Asciidoctor based prose.

RESTful APIs vs GraphQL APIs by example, by Samer Buna.

Gordon Wintrob of the GET PUT POST newsletter is covering the Plaid API, interviewing the co-founders.

Swagger-core 1.5.8 released.

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