- March 25, 2016

Restlet is proud and happy to sponsor Mark Boyd’s new market scan white paper on API serverless architecture.

Jean-Philippe Le Goff demonstrates how to test your OAuth2 secured API using DHC.

Thierry Templier shows how to customize the Jackson converter of Restlet Framework.

A screencast on discovering Restlet Studio, a visual IDE for designing your Web APIs.

Restlet is sharing its recent improvements to the Restlet support process.

On TechCrunch, Ed Anuff is saying that almost everyone is doing the API economy wrong.

A new HTTP pattern by Darrel Miller: the Bouncer pattern, allow complex queries and still allow results to be cached.

A proposal for a text/markdown media-type.

On The New Stack, Jennifer Riggins says that predictive APIs are driving Machine Learning.

Tomasz Pluskiewicz shares part 6 of his REST misconceptions series about versioning and hypermedia.

On Nordic APIs blog, Bill Doerrfeld is covering 10 new breeds of businesses that have emerged out of the API economy.

In the article “the humans behind every API”, the site EveryDeveloper downgrades Braintree’s developer experience ranking, and in this other one, they say that great APIs have one thing in common: continuous improvement.

Three must-haves for a VC-scale API startup by Zak Schwarzman: high call volume potential, integral to customers’ product or business process, and stickiness.

Arnaud Lauret is back with part 3 of his tutorials on Swagger / Open API: this time on simplifying specification file.

Eric Horesnyi on FinTech trends, UX, and company culture.

APIs for SaaS vendors: why is it a vital need by Andriy Pontus.

A test-driven approach to documenting RESTful APIs with Spring REST Docs by Jenn Strater.

Eberhard Wolff and Oliver Gierke presented at W-JAX about REST versus Messenging, integration approaches for microservices.

Building meaningful data APIs with JSON-LD by Benjamin Young.

A review of Mike Stowe’s Undisturbed REST book.

Uber’s engineering shares its finding on their usage of JSON and encoding for messaging and storage, and lead to the conclusion that they will be using MessagePack with zlib.

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