- March 31, 2016

Latest release of Restlet Studio lets teams collaborate on visual API design

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Palo Alto, Calif., March 31, 2016 – Restlet, providers of the leading API Platform as a Service, announced today the immediate availability of the new Restlet Studio, the first web IDE that streamlines the design of APIs, from contract definition to actual implementation. Restlet Studio now fully integrates with the Restlet Platform and provides extensive capabilities for crafting, designing and implementing web APIs in a collaborative environment.

For the millions of web and mobile developers who need to develop or expose REST APIs for their own use or for the use of other developers, Restlet Studio provides a rich set of capabilities to design API contracts visually, to organize and share them with team members, and to kickstart the implementation of these APIs.

“As API teams are building and maintaining more and more APIs, they have to rethink their development processes. They need to progressively move from code-first & API provider-driven workflows to contract-first & API consumer-driven workflows. On this journey, taking advantage of a collaborative API designer like Restlet Studio is a game changer!” said Jerome Louvel, Chief Geek (CTO) and founder of Restlet.

The latest version of Restlet Studio includes the following capabilities:

  • Visual API design: any developer can craft web APIs without being a REST expert, and without mastering the syntax of API description languages such as Swagger or RAML. Through a simple browser UI, Restlet Studio defines the contract of the API, including endpoints, resources with their methods, representations with their properties.
  • Projects organization and team collaboration: Restlet Studio streamlines interactions within development teams and between API developers and other stakeholders such as API consumers or business managers. In this new version, all API projects can be saved to the cloud and shared with team members.
  • Generation of server skeletons and client SDKs: Restlet Studio creates client SDKs to consume the API and server skeletons to bootstrap implementation for major programming environments – including iOS, Android, AngularJS, Java, Node.js, etc.

“APIs are essential in helping businesses create value for their customers and partners by making their products, services and data accessible in the cloud,” said Mark Boyd, Founder of the API-focused market analyst firm, Platformable, and author of the forthcoming guide to API Decision-Making. “APIs are a key value creator across all industries, and businesses will increasingly find that poorly-designed APIs create costly errors and alienate customers and users. Products like Restlet Studio are creating business advantage with robust, full life cycle API creation tools that involve all stakeholders in the design process: both internal developers and business leads, to external API developers, and all the way to end product consumers.”

Restlet Studio, fully integrated with the other products of the Restlet Platform, can be accessed by simply navigating to with any browser. A Free Plan is available for all users, and more advanced capabilities are offered in the Solo Plan, Team Plan and Scale Plan, starting at $9 per month.

About Restlet
Restlet knows APIs: the company’s API Platform as a Service (apiPaaS) provides API developers and developers using APIs with a comprehensive, well-integrated set of capabilities to consume, design, develop and deploy APIs in the cloud, easily and quickly. Thanks to the Restlet Platform, developers leverage APIs to make cloud, mobile, web and IoT applications easier to build, maintain and secure. To encourage growth of the API development community, Restlet also builds and maintains Restlet Framework, the world’s most widely used open source REST API framework. Named a Cool Vendor in Specialized PaaS by Gartner, Restlet has headquarters in Palo Alto, California. For more information visit or follow @restlet on Twitter.