- April 15, 2016

At Restlet, we’re working on some great updates to Restlet Studio, our API designer. We’ve also published a screencast showing how to create a Web API from scratch with Studio, and another one on how to import / export API definitions with Studio. In the coming months, expect some more cool things going on in this area!

The Jenkins blog features an article I wrote about running your API tests continuously with Jenkins and DHC.

A recent addition to DHC, our API testing client, is the ability to import Swagger 2 APIs for testing. And the team also added XPath assertion support, in addition to the existing JSON Path support. Plus some nice little additions, listening to our customers’ feedback.

Kin Lane, looking at DHC, investigates API assertions, assertions that we make, believe in, and require for our business contracts.

Darryl Taft talks about Restlet bringing API testing to HPE Systinet. Also check out the press release with the announcement.

Thierry Templier wrote about exposing a MySQL database as a Web API, using APISpark, and also talked about interacting efficiently with a RESTful service with Angular.JS 2 and RX.JS.

James Higginbotham asks what skills do your APIs offer.

Lots of great content as usual on Nordic APIs blog:

Mark Boyd on banking APIs changing one of the stodgiest sectors, on the API economist blog.

How REST APIs are driving the digital industrial revolution by Paul Dumas on ProgrammableWeb.

Jennifer Rondeau on the mix of grammar and tech in API documentation.

Mike Stowe shared the slides of a presentation on the release of RAML 1.0.

Slide deck about the Open API Specification, presented by Steven Willmott at Cloud Expo.

Presentation of Bruno Pedro on how to automate API discovery.

The launch of Hitch by the team behind the API Changelog; to offer SaaS to help API owners the ability to manage and grow their community.

John Sheehan, CEO of Runscope, shared a personal update on the difficult times for Runscope. But fortunately, Runscope lives on, and we wish John and the team the best!

How to build a monitoring application with the Google Cloud Vision API by Romin Irani.

Amazon API Gateway now supports Swagger definition import.

Nicolas Grenié wrote a recap on his third year of the Easter API bunny challenge, this year with a Slack bot.

Gordon Wintrob interviewed IPInfo for his GET PUT POST newsletter.

Marcin Grzejszczak introduces the AccuREST stub runner.

David Julia explains how to refactor a Spring REST API to become more expressive.

An API for Game of Thrones.

The call for paper for APIStrat Boston is open.

More API news: