- May 18, 2016

InfoWorld’s Serdar Yegulalp selected a list of 10 free tools for Web API design, development and testing. Among the top 10, we’re happy and proud to see Restlet Studio, our API design solution!


Serdar Yegulalp writes:

Billed as a “Web IDE for API design,” Restlet Studio describes APIs with a set of visual tools. This includes more than setting methods or query parameters, but also auto-generating Java or Node.js skeleton code for the APIs and even auto-creating client SDKs. Both Swagger and RAML are supported; in fact, you can toggle between them while working on an API.

The free plan supports only one API, but you get an unlimited number of calls to that API in testing and 1,000 calls for an in-production API. That’s right — you can use the free tier to deploy to production, albeit without support for the likes of CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous deployment) or custom domain names.