- May 20, 2016

A pretty round number for this 50th edition of this week in API land!

We’ve published a new screencast teasing the Restlet Platform.

RAML 1.0 is out. I’ve written a blog post outlining the new features and what’s breaking.

Restlet will be at GlueCon, and I have two talks on the agenda! Please don’t hesitate to come and join us for the talks, our little evening meetup on API tooling, and say hi on our booth!

We ran a poll about whether developers preferred the JSON or the YAML flavor for the Swagger / OpenAPI Specs. Guess the result? JSON wins overall, but we got feedback from users telling us they like to author their definition in YAML as it’s more human-friendly, but usually machine-process them with JSON as it’s better tooled.

Restlet Studio was listed by InfoWorld among the top 10 free tools for API design, development and testing.

Manfred Bortenschlager on how to get your API strategy right, thanks to the API model canvas.

Gordon Wintrob interviews Cristina Cordova about the Stripe’s API platform.

Overcoming Swagger annotation overload by switching to JSON with Spring Fox by Joe Wolf.

The road to NoOps: serverless computing is quickly gaining momentum, by Mark Boyd on TheNewStack.

Chris Wood is reviewing Red Hat’s Apiman Open Source API management project on Nordic APIs, and Bill Doerrfeld shares tips to improve the discoverability of your API.

Building a testable/continuously deployed API using Amazon API Gateway by Richard Coombes on Medium. And on the same topic, Robert Labrie on using Amazon Lambda with API Gateway.

Why location matters in API performance testing by Kevin Farnham.

Where will APIs be in the next 5-10 years asks Laura Heritage.

Why enterprise security needs APIs, by Sai Koppala, Layne Bro, and Joel D’Sa, a guest post on the Apigee blog.

I already have partners accessing my services. Why should I use APIs? Asks Alan Glickenhouse.

A great little tool this week, with the integration of the httpie command-line request client, with a prompt with auto-completion, and you get a nice and interactive console for invoking Web APIs.

The API starter pack, a collection of API related tools and services, proposed by APIDays.

An automatic test generation tool for RAML by API Fortress.

Let’s finish this news round up with a fun touch! CommitStrip has a fun cartoon about finding undocumented API endpoints!

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