- May 26, 2016

My second talk at GlueCon was about the API developer activities, and how API tooling should not get in the way of the developers, but instead help him stay in the flow:

The API ecosystem provides powerful tools, online services and definition formats for designing, testing, running, or managing APIs. All share common purposes: improve our productivity when developing an API, allow us to collaborate more effectively, or share our creations with the world!

But developers have already invented efficient tactics to streamline their development, gathered experience with and sharpened their tools of trade. The result is that the services or formats mentioned before can actually also get in their way, and interrupt their development flow, as they have to resort to get out of their routine and processes, to use them.

What can API tooling vendors do to reconcile the habits of developers with their tools?
In this session, Guillaume Laforge, Restlet’s Product Ninja & Advocate, will talk about building, versioning & dependency management of API artifacts, scenario & conformance testing, API documentation, continuous integration, multi-environment continuous deployment, and team collaboration! Let’s get back into the development flow!

And the slide deck: