- May 27, 2016

The rise of APIs by Steve Sloan on TechCrunch (with Restlet listed in the “Enterprise API management > Lifecycle” box).

Interesting GlueCon slide decks:

The API is the invisible hand behind the Internet of Things by Jennifer Riggins. And Jennifer also interviewed Bruno Pedro on API monetization models in action.

How APIs can help secure rapidly evolving IT infrastructures by Brad Drysdale.

A human’s guide to drafting API platform policy by Chris Wood on Nordic APIs blog.

On InfoQ, a new video from the APIDays conference with Brett Adam on APIs at Zendesk, and another one with Mike Amundsen: “From Zero to Hyper in 30 Minutes: Live Coding a Hypermedia Client”.

A presentation by Olga Maciaszek-Sharma on creating and testing REST contracts with the Accurest Gradle plugin.

The venerable cURL gets a new modern logo!

More API news: