- June 07, 2016

Spoiler alert: this post is about an interview in French, so if you don’t understand French you’re probably not going to be interested.

Even if their name makes it sound like they come straight from the Cirque du Soleil, the Castcodeurs don’t fly the trapeze but they walk the tightrope of educating French developers about coding trends and technologies, without becoming boring nor salesly.

Our very own Chief Geek and Founder Jerome Louvel had the privilege to be interviewed by the Castcodeurs a couple weeks back, and after a few strokes of the magic publishing wand, voilà:

Les Castcodeurs, episode 148: Web APIs with Jerome Louvel (in French)

Among the topics covered:

  • REST
  • New approaches for APIs
  • Understanding API development
  • Stacks for web APIs
  • Evolution of APIs
  • API platforms
  • The future