- June 10, 2016

For 51 episodes, our Product Ninja & Advocate Guillaume Laforge has been keeping all of us up-to-date on the movers and shakers of the API world. But since Guillaume has decided to pursue another exciting opportunity as Developer Advocate at Google (a new endeavor in which we wish him lots of success), this left us without this valuable resource that Guillaume faithfully compiled every week.

Don’t panic just yet – we found a solution. Our friends James Higginbotham and Keith Casey, publishers of the API Developer Weekly newsletter, have graciously agreed to let us syndicate their weekly content on this blog. Of course it will come with proper attribution, and we actually encourage our readers to also subscribe to James and Keith’s email updates so that they don’t take the chance of missing an installment.


Watch for the first issue to be published here shortly. The numbering will jump from #51 to #115, but hey, that’s not such a big deal!