- June 16, 2016

Tech In France (formerly known as AFDEL) is a French organization that federates software vendors and internet solution providers. I have had the privilege of volunteering with the organization for several years, especially during my tenure as VP of Marketing for Talend. More recently, as Restlet’s Revenue Godfather, I have been running the International workshop that meets once or twice a quarter to address the challenges of internationalization for software vendors.


This is why I am proud that the general assembly of members, meeting this week, has elected me to one of the open seats on the Board of Directors. This two-year mandate will allow me to represent on Board of Tech In France the hypergrowth and born-global startups that Restlet embodies.

It is also exciting that on the same day my friend Bertrand Diard was elected President of Tech In France. Bertrand, my former boss at Talend, is now the cofounder of a hot startup named Influans, and he is also a Director of Restlet.

img-cp-tech-in-france-nouveau-pre-sident-15062016Bertrand during his inaugural speech

Looking forward to this continued adventure at Tech In France!