- July 19, 2016

A great way to improve productivity in a software team is to increase the autonomy of individual team members. If a team member needs to interrupt the team lead in order to get something done or make a decision, things are bound to slow down.

Thankfully, our customers have spoken to us about how they collaborate and how they could be more autonomous in our products. We’ve now updated the way collaboration works in APISpark and Studio to address this.

Create APIs for a team, even if you aren’t the team owner

From now on, team members no longer need to bother the team owner in order to create APIs in Restlet Studio, or cells in APISpark. The new creation dialog lets team members pick which team the new API should belong to.


Here, I’m logged in to Restlet Studio as jmichaux[at] but will create an API for jonathan.michaux[at], whose team I belong to.


And here I am doing the same thing in APISpark. Remember, teams are common across the entire Restlet platform (Studio, APISpark & DHC).

The newly created API will belong to the team, and I’ll be automatically added as a member so that I can start building straight away.

Save time with default sharing settings

As a team owner, you might simply want to keep all of your APIs shared with your entire team at all times, even if new APIs are created, or new members added to the team.

In APISpark, this is easy to do via the new team settings panel.


In Restlet Studio, you can specifically decide if a given API should be shared with your team or private to you.


With these recent enhancements to teamwork capabilities, both Studio and APISpark have become more productive for teams as every member can create the APIs they need, when they need them.

We’ll continue to add collaboration features in the future, but we think these improvements will make your teams more autonomous and productive today. Let us know what you think!
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