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hero-book-blogAPI Developer Weekly – July 21, 2016 – Issue #121
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Hot Topics

Microsoft Releases REST API Design Guidelines
We are pleased to announce that Microsoft is publishing its “REST API Design Guidelines” to the API community. These guidelines represent a multi-year, cross-company, collaborative process aggregating the collective experience of hundreds of engineers designing, operating, and running global scale cloud services from across Microsoft; and listening to feedback on our APIs from customers and partners. []

Developer Relations: How to Offer Unparalleled Developer Outreach
APIs are necessarily a communal endeavor – the community fostered between the users, the providers, and those who depend on the API for the functions of their own services drives the development environment of the API space. Accordingly, developer outreach is absolutely essential for cultivating an API’s network of users and agents. by Kristopher Sandoval []

You Can Get Involved in Creating the OpenAPI Specification, And Here’s How
How is the OpenAPI Specification evolving? What’s the process? How can you get involved? Today we’ll try to answer those questions and shine a light on: the Technical Developer Community, why it exists and how it operates; the timeline and roadmap for the next major revision of the OpenAPI Specification []

Don’t Version Your Web API
Versioning of Web APIs by adding a version to the URI or using versioned media types doesn’t work on the open web. What we really need are contracts that evolve with the changes we need, Sebastien Lambla claimed in a recent presentation, describing ways of avoiding the need of versioning. []

How APIs Are Fuelling a Cultural Shift in Business
As software proliferates every corner of a business, IT is being crushed by project demands from business users who require applications and data to be always available and always connected. As a result, IT can no longer meet the demand by simply running faster on the hamster wheel. It’s impossible to keep up. []

Testing HTTP APIs with SuperTest
You know tests are Good For You. You probably even write unit tests and measure the code coverage of your business logic. Congrats! However, at that layer, your only writing tests for yourself, your teammates, or others consuming your code-level interfaces. But what about your web-level interface? by Benjamin Young []

Hitch on Product Hunt
Hitch – Where developers stay informed of API changes & discussion. (APIs and Developer Tools) Read the opinion of 51 influencers. []

Beckett: An API Client Framework
I’m releasing a new open source project. Beckett is a convention-based framework for building Python interfaces around HTTP APIs. It’s the first proper framework project that I’ve ever worked on, and the first project I’ve released in about two years. []

Upcoming Web API Events
A list of upcoming Web API Events, maintained by Matthew Reinbold

The Business of APIs

The Next Big Shift in SaaS
The next big shift in SaaS is an evolution from software as a service as a displacer to a disruptor. Displacement technologies compete with incumbents on the same buying parameters. Disruptive companies change the way a buyer thinks about solving their need. Most SaaS products today are displacers. []

Should You Sell To Enterprise Customers?
Money. The more the better, right? Customers. The bigger the better… right? When you’re a bootstrapped start-up, you quickly realize that neither of those assumptions are correct. Of course you want more income. You’re trying to keep the lights on, after all. by Ian Landsman []

Yelp Launches Developer Preview of Revamped API
After continued requests for access to more Yelp data, and additional API functionality, Yelp has launched a developer preview of a brand new API. The Yelp API was rebuilt from the ground up. Yelp envisions the new features, data, and architecture will simplify the developer experience. []

(Un)Related Topics
Microservice Software Architecture at Airtime

Microservice architecture is a well known development approach at this point, but for every success story in which microservices have helped a company make a fantastic backend there is another failure story where things didn’t work out. The purpose of this article is to share how the Airtime engineering team has built an efficient, scalable, and extensible microservice backend. by Nathan Peck []

The Seven (More) Deadly Sins of Microservices
Daniel Bryant talks about the 2016 edition of the seven deadly sins that if left unchecked could easily ruin our next microservices project, and some of the nastiest anti-patterns in microservices, providing tools to not only avoid but also slay these demons before they tie up the project in their own special brand of hell. []

Lessons Learned on Uber’s Journey into Microservices
Summary Emily Reinhold shares stories of how a rapid growth company broke up a monolith into a series of microservices, with practices and lessons that can save time and money. Emily Reinhold is a software engineer on Uber’s Money team. []

HTTPS is not a magic bullet for Web security
We’re in the midst of a major change sweeping the Web: the familiar HTTP prefix is rapidly being replaced by HTTPS. That extra “S” in an HTTPS URL means your connection is secure and that it’s much harder for anyone else to see what you’re doing. []

How to Create an IoT Hub in Microsoft Azure – DZone IoT
Prasanna Murali shares four simple steps to creating an IoT hub in Microsoft Azure. []

Conversational Interfaces: Where Are We Today? Where Are We Heading?
Computers and human beings don’t speak the same language. So, to make interaction possible, we rely on graphical user interfaces (GUIs). But GUIs come with a natural barrier: People have to learn to use them. They have to learn that a hamburger button hides a menu, that a button triggers an action. by Cosima Mielke []

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