- August 01, 2016

This version is mainly a bug fixing release. We have brought a lot of new stuff recently and we strive to deliver you the best quality. You will find a list of what has been fixed below.

I would also like to mention that this version is bringing an improved experience for teams as well. Now, ownership of all projects created by a team member and shared with a team is automatically transferred to the team owner.

How to share a project with your team?

Suppose you have subscribed to Team/Scale plan or that you have been added to a team by a user who is on the Scale plan. Please note you can do a free trial to get the Team plan experience.


Choose a project in DHC repository you would like to share. Point your mouse cursor over the project name, click on vertical three dots on the right, and select Share. See the screenshot below.

Screenshot from 2016-07-27 16-47-24

A project actions to take

DHC opens a dialog allowing you to choose with whom the project will be shared. Select ‘Team’ and click on OK button.

Screenshot from 2016-07-27 16-50-37

Sharing settings dialog

That’s all! The project you have selected has now been shared with your team.

DHC Changelog


  • When clicking on Save for a shared request, open the corresponding shared folder hierarchy
  • Shared projects disappear if they’re not present on the local computer
  • No error when trying to create a request/scenario/service with no name
  • HAR raw text is too small
  • Parameters keep on duplicating
  • Cannot select a shared project in the expression builder
  • When sending a request in a shared project, expressions are not evaluated
  • VB: when the request has never been sent, clicking on response in VB doesn’t work
  • VB: display team’s repository elements
  • Substring function incorrect (?)
  • Updates within a shared scenario aren’t visible by the team
  • Context variables does not work right after import
  • “Add” button does not allow to create elements in a shared repository
  • Unable to delete service/scenario/request as a team member
  • Sync & Sharing: entity tree is collapsed and expanded when sharing is completed
  • Shared project not removed in cloud with “Erase my drive”
  • Shared project appears in white
  • Improve error message when VB cannot evaluate expression
  • Label “No saved data” in “My drive”
  • Policy “Preserve” & “Update” do not import new request anymore
  • Unexpected expand event on shared projects
  • When saving a shared request, shared project appears in my drive
  • Cannot access to a shared project just after sync
  • Issues with import
  • Empty Query Parameters freeze DHC
  • Scenario export contains the modifiedLocally property
  • Illegal character detected when using Expression in a request’s path parameter
  • Shared (either in my drive or in shared with me) projects/services/scenarios/requests should not be renamable
  • Cannot transfer project with Free/Solo account
  • Cannot remove team member
  • Wrong response body width handling

New Features

  • Create requests, services, scenarios for a team I belong to
  • Allow a team member to share a project from his drive
  • The renaming capabilities should be hidden/disabled on a shared project

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