- August 18, 2016

Great news everyone! DHC 1.3 is finally out and brings a brand new way to create and manage complex, interconnected, API test scenarios; better supporting QA needs. Version 1.3. brings you a solution in the form of two new work modes: Requests-centric view and Scenarios-centric view.

If you’re already a DHC user, you are probably quite familiar with the Requests-centric view which stayed unchanged. A request is in the front, and you are free do the following: visually create a request and send it to obtain the response, turn the request into a test by adding assertions and saving it in your DHC drive, interwire the request with others to start building scenarios.

Image 1

The brand new view brings API scenarios at the front. Developers and testers in charge of QA now have a straightforward way to create complex API test scenarios. Moreover, we see increasing popularity of BDD which is also a great fit for API testing. The latest DHC also includes BDD support!

Image 2

When you launch DHC 1.3, you will notice two visual tabs allowing you to switch between Requests and Scenarios views.

Image 3

For now, you can still create scenarios in the Requests view, and send a request from the Scenarios view. So, don’t worry, nothing has been removed and you can still use DHC as you are used to. But if are about to automatically test an API, I would strongly recommend giving the new approach a try.

Image 4

Tutorials on the new Scenarios view and BDD-style API testing will follow soon. Here are a few screenshots demonstrating the power of DHC 1.3:

Image 5

Image 6

This marks an important milestone for DHC but we have more cool stuff planned in our roadmap! For now, enjoy this new version 1.3 and please let us know what you think. Your feedback is always appreciated!
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