- September 13, 2016

You favorite API testing tool is changing – but nothing to worry about. If you read my previous post here Changes in DHC Chrome Store packaging then you are aware of the reasons why we have to do that. Moreover, just a month ago Chrome Store team has also announced Chrome Apps removal. That means all Chrome Apps will be removed from Chrome browser over the next two years. Only Chrome OS stays supported.

We want to keep DHC available for your API testing within Chrome browser and a migration to an extension is the best option.

With the new version 1.3.2 DHC gets upgraded to an extension. DHC icon will disappear from a list of Chrome Apps but you will be still able to open DHC in just one click, directly from a Chrome browser.

DHC as an extension

Look for DHC icon beside URL box. Please note you can manage what icons to show there by right click.


DHC Icon Management


Nothing else has changed. DHC will keep working as usual, testing APIs without breaking or removing anything.

  • Chris

    I just had this happen to me. I did see what you said that the DHC converted to an extension. However, the extension suddenly disappeared from Chrome within minutes. Then the only option I had was to install the extension since the Chrome store thought it wasn’t installed.

    When I installed the extension, nothing was kept from before. I lost my database of requests. I have an old backup from more than a month ago, but do you know if there is a place on a Windows machine that I could retrieve lost DHC data?